Barry : Trama


1×01 Make Your Mark: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×02 Use It: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×03 Make the Unsafe: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×04 Commit… to YOU: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×05 Do Your Job: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×06 Listen with Your Ears, React with Your Face: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×07 Loud, Fast, and Keep Going: DeltaBitVidToWStream
1×08 Know Your Truth: DeltaBitVidToWStream

2×01 The Show Must Go On, Probably?: DeltaBitVidToWStream
2×02 The Power of No: DeltaBitVidToWStream